Illustration: Taking Flight

Jan 25 2010

The last illustration I completed in late 2004.

Full Image:

Deatils: Taking Flight Illustration Deatils

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Work in Progress: Packaging Re-design

Jan 25 2010

This is a work in progress. I am redesigning the packaging for a company that sells value-priced acrylic paint.
Logo is to be designed by me too.

I want to design something that looks fun and will catch the eye when shopping for art supplies.

Still lots to be done just thought I’d post the look of it so far.

W.I.P paint packaging

Need to work on:
1. Logo design
2. on front or back: a photo preview of the paints that are within the box. or line illustration rather than a literal photo?
3. adding the shades featured in the box. on back

I am having a lot of fun with this! When assembled the physical package is measures 9.5 cm wide by 24.3 cm tall (3.7 in x 9.6 in)

paint packaging before
Here is original post re-design package (it was a magenta/pink colour)

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The momentous first post

Jan 19 2010

Thanks to Guy at Sol Design I now have this beautiful home on the web!

I decided I wanted a simple/clean layout and I am feeling optimistic about the future therefore I created these smileys for web page design they are just everyday people who wear different hats all happy to play there parts in such exciting times. hmmm I always take analogies too far!

I am very excited about my Trip to the US in February!

I just found out and there is A CHANCE that I may get to see my favorite band play LIVE…. Don’t know yet the logistics/accommodation plans would be a bit ‘meh’ at the moment.

I actually don’t own 70 hats like I mentioned in my introduction it’s more like 30. I had to count them when a Ben said there was no way I had 70 hats. So Ben does that mean I DON’T have too many?

This is Kath Borup Signing off, for the first time!

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